17 February 2009

Isn't It Monday?

It feels like Monday. I guess for me it is Monday since I was off from work yesterday so today is the first day back from a long weekend.
Going back to work is never fun, at least for me. Leo is lucky he enjoys going to his job. I just tolerate mine. I'm not super excited to get up and do my job.

But thankfully I am at home today. That's a good thing because the line of laundry I have is astounding. All the piles are lined up OUT the laundry room door. It's like a laundry train.
I think I'm finally down to about 4 more loads.

I love laundry.

I also have a lot of work to do, but it's overwhelming me and I'm getting confused. I have so many different scenarios to work out it's boggling my mind. I'm sure that's a sign that I don't use it enough, right?

Well I should get back to it. And the laundry needs to be changed out too...


Crystal said...

Dude...so, it "would" be like a Monday for me today since I was "supposed" to have yesterday off. But NO, I had to work, pretty much all freakin' day. And so I thought since I was working from home today that it would be pretty light...but NO...I'm actually just wrapping up work now because I have to travel to San Diego tomorrow.

I haven't blogged in a WEEK! WTH??

Can you tell I'm a teensy bit stressed out? hehe And here I am taking it out on your Comment box! Poor little Comment Box...she never did anything to deserve this. hehe

Come hell or highwater we are having lunch on Friday dammit! hehe ;)

San Diego Momma said...

Wait a minute.

Did I just read that you love laundry?