05 February 2009

Barbie Fun

Lately Sweet Girl has been obsessed with asking me to play with her barbies and the Diamond Castle. I don't mind playing with her of course and she's pretty good at playing barbies because she understands that its the barbies who are supposed to talk to each other not me and her. My sister (sorry Deanna) didn't grasp this concept and would talk back to ME whenever my barbie talked to hers. Anyway, last night the entire family was playing barbies. We were somewhat re-enacting the Diamond Castle movie.

At some point Leo and I started having more fun playing barbies then Sweet Girl. No we weren't doing anything perverted with the barbies but just talking and spelling words that we couldn't say (now if Sweet Girl also starts spelling out b-i-t-c-h then well we might have to refrain). We were laughing and playing and Sweet Girl is just kind of staring at us like 'who the hell are you people?'. Sweet Girl joined in when the "giant" starting talking to the little barbies. The "giant" is an over sized Sleeping Beauty doll. She is probably 3 times the size of an actual barbie. I'm not really sure why she is lumped in with all the other barbies actually but alas it did provide good entertainment with a lot of laughter from everyone. An enjoyable evening.

And an interesting look into her imagination.


Crystal said...

Sounds like fun! None of my girls have ever gotten into Barbie...not sure if I should be concerned. hehe My oldest tried to get into Bratz dolls when they were popular, and my family members would buy the dolls for her, until I asked them to please stop buying dolls dressed like hookers for my little girl. hehe :)

And what kind of games were you and Leo playing that would include having to spell b-i-t-c-h? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Now I really would have loved to have seen and heard that, it's entertaining enough when kids are playing I know it would have been doubly entertaining to hear you guys.
Love Mom