04 February 2009

Go In For Runny Nose and Leave With EpiPen

Keeping in line with how things go for us, Little Man now has his very own EpiPen in the event of anaphalaxis. I am sure I've blogged about Little Man's lack of speech and hearing issues and so in yet another effort to get to the bottom of it we were sent to an allergist. And the fact that he has been constantly congested from the time he was born basically. Our regular doctor gave us some Nasonex, has anyone ever tried to administer Nasonex to a 2.5 year old? It was not fun and after a week of semi success and a lot of practically pinning him down we opted to not traumatize him anymore. However in that week he woke up with a clear nose, none of his pea size, rock hard boogers that he is prone to have in the morning.

Our trip to the allergist was a fun one let me tell you. He had some skin tests done that made his back look like he basically laid down in a mosquito colony. The skin test he did pretty good on, yes a few tears but nothing major. But when they came in to measure his reaction with a piece of paper he had a holy fit. I had to hold him and he was fighting me hard, he had snot pouring out of his nose (and on to my shirt, I love a snot covered shirt, it really should be a new fashion trend), and I am in a position that is providing me with a serious ab workout (positive thoughts even though I am torturing my kid and want to cry along with him).

Wow he is allergic to a lot of stuff. Even the doctor was kind of amazed because he said usually it takes many seasons to get an allergy. So we probably will never have a dog or cat, we should get rid of our summer and winter grass, we can have no trees in our back yard. We need to freeze all the stuffed animals to kill the dust mites that we brought with us from TN. Dust mites do not live in AZ because it's too dry, good thing if you're allergic to them. Bad thing if you are allergic to them and you lived some where that had them and you brought them with you. And most certainly no nuts of any kind, especially not cashews.
Poor kid, cashews are so yummy.

We got our EpiPen lesson and the reassurance that we probably won't ever have to use it but he would rather be safe then sorry. I'm holding out hope we do not have to use it. And if we do have to use it I remember my thumb placement so I don't discharge the pen in my thumb. Because I paid attention. As much as I wanted to leave and go to my happy place in my head where stuff like this doesn't happen, I stayed with it. Shocked? I am.

To top off all that, we also have to have a blood draw. He just had a rough day. But was pretty much back to normal when I picked up the kids from school (yes I was a horrible mother and took him to preschool. I suffered the guilt of that for the remainder of the afternoon).

But I think now I'm going to my happy place...


Crystal said...

Sorry to hear about your little guy and his allergies. That totally sucks. I think all of our girls are suffering from allergies too...my doc said to flush their noses with the saline nose stuff. I did it for Audra last night, and she did seem to be a bit better this morning. Have fun freezing your stuffed animals. (I actually did a sneaky thing and took bags full of them to the Good Will...and no one noticed!)

LarryG said...

well... school was a good move, put him back in his 'normal' surroundings for a bit and let's him know the routine things keep rolling along.

We have just missed snow the last couple weeks here in north Alabama, I was over at Huntland TN this past Sunday and they haven't had much either. There were some folks at church who were displaced from KY due to the power still being out from the snow-ice storms up there. :)

Kelly said...

Poor baby and mommy. Yet another reason to move back. =)
Here's to never having to use the epipen.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Waaaah! I'm so sorry - this all sounds so crummy for both of you!

I wish you loads of delicious drinks of your choice + snot-free shirts...

San Diego Momma said...

What a bummer! It's good that it's over though, right? Now you have some info and treatment.
And maybe that nose will stop running! :)

AMB said...

ok, ignore my FB question...just read this. poor thing, he going to get allergy shots?