25 February 2009

Work Hard For Your Money

I was so proud of Leo. He got a good bonus. He worked hard to make his company successful and got a bonus. Working hard to make his business successful and ironically helped the economy by providing jobs for other people. Amazing how that works.

And we were so excited about the bonus. Only to find out that 53% of it went to taxes. 53%!!!!!!!!!

We didn't even get to keep half of it. We wanted to be sick. Literally sick.
If the government is so concerned about the economy, they could have let us keep more of it so we could have stimulated the economy by spending some of the bonus.

Maybe you feel that 53% is OK, and if you do that is fine. We however do not. IT IS NOT FINE. NOT ONE BIT. Something is seriously wrong with things if this is what we've become.
I am not here to provide assistance to everyone else who feels they do not need to bust their own ass to get ahead or sustain their own livelihood.

I think it's time for revolution.


Kelly said...

The revolution is coming just make sure you are prepared. 53% is absolutely crazy!

Crystal said...

Isn't that frustrating??!! I also received a bonus around Christmas-time last year, and over 40% went to taxes. Bleh!

It's like "Yay, Congratulations on the Bonus! But it's really only half of what we told you it was."

Dang government and their mismanagement of funds.

Basha's Mama said...

Even the "bleeding heart liberals" find this outrageous. :) I felt the same way when I lost half of my extra pay for teaching 2 classes last semester. If it makes you feel any better Leo's business probably got a significant tax break that allowed them to give him a bonus that he could be taxed upon... Oh wait, that's my liberalism coming out again. :)

Danielle said...

Oh how I wish there was some tax break that would have benefited their company but alas no such luck they are a small business and didn't get any break...