02 February 2009

Just One Of Those Days

I can tell it's Monday. I really do not love Monday's because it means the kids go to day care (now I will admit there are some times I cannot wait until Monday so the kids can go to day care!), and it's back to work.

We had a good weekend, aside from our Saturday attempt at hanging a ceiling fan. Leo and I both hate this task. It is a serious pain in the ass. It was a good arm workout yes, but annoying as hell to get that bastard up.
I took a nap yesterday and even had a little bit of a nap with Sweet Girl who fell asleep in another room but then came and snuggled with me on the couch. It was so nice.

I am also dealing with my strange and overwhelming feeling of being homesick. It hits me every now and again and you would think that after almost pretty much a year (Feb 15 will be one year) these feelings wouldn't be as strong. But I just want to go back to our old house, shop at our old Publix (Jeez I miss the Publix) and eat at the Las Palmas down the street. I want our cousins to come over for dinner all the time and I want my parents to watch the kids. I think they were so much happier with that a couple days a week. And I want to hang out with all my friends as well. I want everything as it was before we had to move (with the exception of Leo having a job). It sure would have been awesome if he had his current job back in TN, everything would be perfect! Alas I'm sure this will pass or I'll suppress it as I always do until it pops back up again.

And then there was the disappointing loss of the Cardinals in the Superbowl. I'm not a huge Cardinals fan but was excited to potentially be in a Superbowl Champion city! And it would have been cool to go to the parade and take part in all that fun. At least they gave it their all. I will admit I didn't watch the entire game. They seemed to do better when I wasn't watching so I took my superstitions and went and folded clothes and watched the Little Mermaid.

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Hun said...

We've been in the US for 5 yrs now and I still want to move back home. I don't think the feeling will ever go away.....