16 February 2009

How To Make Yourself Feel Old

Go play in the snow. Hike up a hill carrying a sled and a kid in a snowsuit. Then torture your own body as you get on the sled and go down the hill, that lucky for you has a few ramps in it that make you get air and slam you down into packed snow so you roll over a few times. And then you do it again...and again. Then you go home and after you relax for a few minutes you realize just how much your body hurts from this adventure. And add on the fact that Leo and I had to shovel through almost 4 feet of packed snow to make a trail to get from the street to the house. It was my workout for the weekend! And it was worth it. Despite my bruised arm and sore body I had an awesome time. It was great and I would do again.

The kids had a good time in the snow. They did have fun going down the smaller hill that didn't have the aforementioned ramps. They had a smooth ride down. They made snow angels and threw snowballs. Then we came home and had hot chocolate.

And that was my fun weekend!


stephanie (bad mom) said...

That sounds like a pleasant kind of old :D

Anonymous said...

Fun times. Pictures please.


Holly said...

I really love this post...funny and I want pics too :)