10 February 2009

I Love You, You Love Fruit

So Sweet Girl has strep. I knew she had it on Friday when she had a fever and complained of a stomach ache (her classic strep symptoms. How do I know this? Well strep was the first sickness of the many we got when we moved here. And ironically we are less than a week from it being a year so maybe this is some sick practical joke by mother nature?) Anyway I took her to the doc and they did the rapid test, it came back negative. Odd I thought. So they advised they would send off the culture to the lab. And sure enough after being around bunches of people over the weekend, since she acted like she felt better and had no more fever, she does in fact have strep.
The doctor calls on Monday morning to advise me of this. So I have go to day care and get her out. It was right at lunch time so I asked her if she wanted to eat. We head to In-n-Out Burger.

She is acting perfectly fine. Nothing is wrong with this child. She is really in a great mood and being silly in the back seat.

So I tell her 'You're funny Sweet Girl. I love you.'

And there you go. Told you she was acting perfectly fine...

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Michelle said...

strep throat is the absolute worse! Hope she gets to feeling better!