23 February 2009

You Would Think

You would think, I would feel better since it's been almost a week that I got strep and started taking antibiotics. But the answer is not really. I don't really feel better. I feel better than I did when I had the sore throat and body aches. But I was lucky enough to get some sort of secondary infection that has left me so congested I can't breath through my nose, my body still hurts and I just want to go back to bed. Add in coughing and sneezing and starting my period and I have the trifecta of goodness. This past week has totally sucked ass.

So what the hell is up with that?

I want to feel well again. Soon. Like NOW.

1 comment:

Crystal said...

Sorry you're still feeling crappy...Sereana had pink eye, which also turned into a sore throat and other nasally funkiness. So, she's at my grandparents' house recovering today, because I couldn't work from home AGAIN.

Anywho, hope you are feeling at least a teensy bit better now.