09 February 2009


After a week of unseasonably warm weather including temps in the 80's, I was happy to see some clouds and cooler temps over the weekend.

And cooler temps today and tomorrow too, with highs only in the 50's! Woohoo! Love it! And then we'll get even COLDER this weekend when we head to Flagstaff where the highs are only 30 and that includes some SNOW in the forecast! Yay!! We are all ready for our snow play and have everything, well except boots, to keep the kids toasty in the snow. Little Man walked around the REI store with his gloves and hat on (his hat that is size 6-12 months but he refused to take it off so thank goodness it was on sale for only $4, he wouldn't even take if off for them to scan it so I had to pick him up and they scanned it on his head...). He kept repeating I'm ready for snow day! After having them try on gloves I asked them 'Think you can build a snowball with that?' Then they attempted to scoop up a snowball on the concrete and they excitedly replied 'YEP!!'. Funny.

I must admit I am so looking forward to sledding! I love sledding and I think the kids are going to love it too. We'll have to pick up some hot chocolate to enjoy when we get back to the house. I just feel my face burning after coming in from being outside! I love that feeling!

I am looking forward to a short work week and then enjoying some sight seeing of things we haven't seen yet around town. I am really hoping we do go to Taliesin West in Scottsdale. It's a Frank Lloyd Wright house.


stephanie (bad mom) said...

You are such a good mom...I love to *see* the snow but getting out in it? Let's just say I'm a step away from being called Princess.

Have fun with your clouds! :D

Crystal said...

I've been putting off the snow trip...not sure why, since I did buy snow boots for my little Monkey who insisted that's what she needed for Christmas. I guess I don't really want to spend the money on the gear for 3 more kids, plus myself...so that we can play in the snow but not freeze our arses off. But with the weather we've been having lately, I might have at least another month that I can keep saying "next weekend" before we finally have to do it.

Michelle said...

i couldn't help but giggle when you said, you loved that feeling.....
i hate that feeling! it always makes my teeth hurt!

hope y'all have a wonderful trip! David is wanting to take the girls before winter is over....... they'll be so excited!