22 December 2008

The Cold Threshold

This week there are TWO, yes TWO winter storms coming through. Now winter storms will not be bringing snow to our area but our surrounding will get some. We will just get clouds and rain (woohoo...no complaining from me!). I do think my cold threshold is somewhat higher now, used to cold wasn't until it was in the 30's. Now it's more like low 50's. I am not really complaining about this because I just enjoy being cold. I just wanted to wear some sweaters and be comfortable so I really don't care if I wear sweaters because it's 30-something or 50-something! That doesn't bug me.

We went to the Zoo last night to see the ZooLights. It was pretty cool. It was about mid-50's. Perfect actually, I was able to wear a sweater and was comfortable. But there were so many people with big jackets, hats and scarves on. I chuckled.

Well I am happy that it's going to be cloudy for Christmas, it will make it seem more seasonal then wearing short sleeves and its' sunny and warm out.

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stephanie (bad mom) said...

The big coats & scarves thing makes me chuckle, too, considering every year we've gone to Zoo Lights in Portland it's been hovering around 36 degrees. Our big coats & scarves cover layers of longjohns, flannel, double socks and ski gloves...

We'll play in the snow a few extra minutes for you :)