01 December 2008

White Stuff

I feel horribly behind and somewhat lost without my daily post. I enjoy the time it takes to do my blog every day but weekends usually. I am also behind on reading some of my favorites listed over there on the right side down a little ways. I wish I could tell you that the reason for my lack of posts is due to our jet setting ways but really that's not it. Maybe a tad as we drive all over visiting family and friends but the biggest challenge on daily posting is the dial-up Internet at my parents. I know they are also not a fan of it either, but alas as I told my dad it's better than no Internet at all. I tried to find an unsecured wireless network around the neighborhood but everyone got smart and locked them down (damn!!) so dial-up it is.

And today was C-O-L-D and there was even some spitting of snow!! Sometimes big flakes and sometimes little sleet balls. But it was the white stuff and I was excited to see it. No accumulation though. And it was one of those days were when you come in from being outside your face and hands have that wonderful burning feeling. Yes I know you're probably thinking what a nut I am but I just love that. Leo is ready to get back to his above normal temperatures and sun (it was 85 and sunny when we left and 19 and cloudy when we arrived last week). I am content and happy with the pretty cloudy grey/blue sky.

We had our pictures taken yesterday as well. It was a great session and I think we got some great family shots. I'm so excited to send out my Christmas cards this year. With the great pictures and the cool cards from Heritage Makers I am ready to get them out into the mail. It was rainy and cold yesterday too, but we still got some great shots. If you're in the Middle TN area I would highly suggest the photographer we used. She's AWESOME. Her name is Lauren Gill. Her website is www.LaurenGillPhotography.com , she is great with the kids and is just wonderful to work with. I keep trying to get her to come out to AZ!!

Well I will try to update more later. We are going to the Opryland Hotel tomorrow night to see the lights, it's pretty cool. I'll take some photos to share. Also we've gotten to eat at all the places we've missed. All dietary restrictions were left in Phoenix and I have eaten whatever I've wanted here. I took pictures so I'll do a post of our trip all in food references! HA. Cheese dip from Las Palmas, biscuits from Loveless, pancakes from the Pancake Pantry! Yummy... and a definite reason to hit the gym hardcore when I get back home.

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Michelle said...

I'm so behind on my blog reading! And I've had the hardest time coming up with posts! I guess it is such a busy time for everyone with the holidays.