16 December 2008

No Longer Lost

We are big Lost fans in this house. Leo and I have been watching it since it started back in 2004. We, however, totally missed season 4 in the midst of our move to Arizona and then all the sickness that fell upon our house every week.

Then we tried to watch them online. And while it's a great concept and is good to catch up on one episode if needed, trying to watch an entire season online is just a pain in the behind. So I bought the season on DVD. But it wasn't season 4 on DVD it was season 3 which we did see all of and we really didn't need on DVD. So I just resorted to being behind when I thought the 5th season of Lost was going to start again in September of this year. I was delighted to be wrong (an amazing and extremely infrequent happening I might add...) that season 5 did not start until Jan 09 and the real season 4 was being released on DVD in December. Yay!

So we have watched most of season 4 and are up to the finale now. I will say watching them on DVD is the best way to do it, you don't even have to fast forward through the commercials!
Some questions have been answered and more raised. I hope season 5 gives up some more goods.

If you're not a Lost fan, I would suggest it. You can now get seasons 1-4 on DVD and if you start now and have a kick ass Lost marathon you'll be caught up by January!

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Crystal said...

Hmmm...that wasn't a show I ever got into, but I did miss the last season of Gilmore Girls. I've been thinking of putting it on my NetFlix list. I also didn't get into Felicity until the last 2 seasons, so I'd like to see those from the beginning.