15 December 2008

It's Finally Mine...I Mean His

Little Man is growing up. He is not little anymore, like baby little. I miss him like that. And now we make another step farther away from babyhood. He is getting his own bed. I have been lusting after this bed for what feels like before he was born. I just love it and I have some obsession with him having it. And now after January 13th, he will.

Here it is in all its beautiful Pottery Barn Kids glory:

Soon this beautiful beast will be taking up 3/4 of Little Man's tiny bedroom. Now hopefully he'll stay in it!

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Crystal said...

Awwww...congrats to Little Man! That bed is gorgeous! I remember when I got my two oldest girls their bunk beds...they are now being used by the middle girls as separate twin beds (the bunk beds scare me now for some reason...maybe cuz the girls have a ceiling fan in their room).