31 December 2008

I Attract Weirdos

I was going to do a post with my resolutions but will forgo that one until tomorrow because I'm still coming up with my resolutions and goals for the 2009 year.

So today I had to go register my car in Arizona, yes we've lived here for almost 11 months and no I haven't registered my car yet. The truck yes, the car no. The TN tags on the car didn't expire until December so I thought I would ride it out as long as possible here. And yes I broke the law. Shame on me.

Anyways, I get there when they open because I'm figuring a crapshoot here either it's going to be so freaking busy because everyone waited until the last day of December to renew their tags OR everyone would be preparing for big New Year's Eve activities and not be at the DMV. There was a line when I got there and a fairly good amount of people in the building when I get in after having the vehicle inspection. I sit down alone on a row, getting ready to bust out my book. I brought a book to counter act Murphy's Law. My thinking is, if I have a book I wouldn't be able to read it because my number would get called too quickly. Without the book I would be sitting there for over an hour bored out of my gord. Instead I attracted a weirdo guy who wanted to tell me about the fact he always waits until the last minute to do everything. Including paying his bill at Sam's which made him bang on their door to let him in and pay it. As I am internally rolling my eyes wondering out of all the empty seats in the joint he picks the one next to me? I have a weirdo magnet; I am convinced of it. Why it can't be a hot guy with a sexy European accent magnet I am not sure. Or maybe a Christian Bale or Hugh Grant magnet? Yes those would be nicer. I would be much happier with that (although I am sure Leo is happier with the weirdo magnet). So he tells me more about stuff and then launches into the fact he didn't pay his taxes for three years and how the IRS charged some two thousand dollars in interest and penalties but didn't pay HIM interest when he overpaid one year. I have entered bizarro world now.

Finally J581 is announced over the intercom, Woohoo my number!! I wish him a happy new year and kind of run up to lane. I now have new shiny Arizona plates. I exit quickly since the magnet seems to be strong today and flee to my car safely.

On a side note, hopefully everyone has a safe and fun filled New Year's Eve. Ring in the new year with a toast and a kiss and please be safe.

Till next year....


stephanie (bad mom) said...

I want to be a Christian Bale magnet, too. Sigh.

I had these same ruminations when we were in Singapore - I went exploring on my own and instead of catching the interest of a hottie, Elderly Lecherous Italian Guy followed me through the art museum for an hour. I didn't have a DMV number to help me escape; I had to fake a lunch date with my husband then head in the opposite direction of our hotel...

Regardless, Happy New Year :D

We Want Tessert said...

Me too! ...and I used to be a bartender who was stuck behind a counter and HAD to humor the weirdos! Ugh! Glad you're all legal for the new year.
-Kelly M.