10 December 2008

Mr. Independent

We are in full on independence mode for Little Man. If I could get paid for every time he said 'I do it', I would be rich.
He has to do EVERYTHING. I am not sure I remember Sweet Girl being this bad. He has to get in and out of the car and truck by himself. And Lord forbid you try to assist him.
And if you don't let him do it he throws a wicked fit. Example being I didn't let him get on the moving sidewalk by himself at the airport. He cried the entire thing as he kept repeating over and over 'I do it'. He literally would have walked all the way back to the beginning of it just so he could get on without me holding his hand. Oh he was pissed.

Determined he is.
And stubborn too...

I know it's normal 2 year old behavior...so I am not looking forward to him being 3!

1 comment:

Crystal said...

Are you channeling Yoda today? ("Determined he is")...hehe

I'm pretty sure my oldest went through this phase...I somehow seem to block out all the phases I don't like and they just seem like distant memories.

My 4 year old is going through an exact OPPOSITE phase where she now feels like she needs help with everything! Brushing teeth, putting on shoes, buckling her seat belt, getting her clothes off for bath time...you name it, she needs help with it. So, enjoy the time that Little Man wants to do everything himself...cuz there may come a time when you have to help him with everything again. Don't know which is worse though to tell ya the truth. :)