29 December 2008

The Year In Review

OK, sorry but I'm going to drop an F bomb in the first couple sentences...As I sit and reflect on 2008, my first thought is: What a fucking year. Yes it could have been worse but I have to say I'm glad it's over and I was not sure there for a while I would make it through it. My current outlook is MUCH better then the early months of 2008 that's for sure.

So here to torture myself (and possibly you too, if you've been reading a while) I will relive the "best" parts of it.

We moved across the country. And really I could end the blog here but what the hell fun would that be?

So let's go ALL the way back to January...

January- the move was decided and I started the blog. Life was forever changed.

February - The big move occurred and my children got EVERY sickness under the sun. We had our first ER visit with Sweet Girl and Little Man got pneumonia. They hated school. We made new evil friends. This was a GREAT month. I was ready to give Arizona the boot and drive my ass back to Tennessee.

March - My parents left. That alone makes for a shitty month. I was not a happy camper at this point. I was homesick, I missed my friends, the kids school, the kids doctors and my family. This was not a good time for me at all.

April - It was already hitting the high 90's and we opened the pool (boy that was fun...that was when I realized that there was NO WAY Danielle will be swimming in water that is not above 90), Sweet Girl wanted a lot of grapes, and Little Man started saying more words.

May - A trip back to TN! And some rain! We sold our house in Tennessee (sadly my escape plan was ended), Sweet Girl stayed close to her roots and became a fan of Sweet Home Alabama.

June - Holy crap it was hot. And we went on Vacation! It was a really great time. And yes there was indeed puke AND an injury. Come on now you should expect that by now!

July - Little Man turned two! It was still pretty damn hot, hotter than June. My parents arrived! My sister and her family came for a visit. And finally, finally, I had no more shades of brown in my house. YAY!!

August - It was hot AND humid, I was happier with the dry heat. My parents left.I fell in love with Twilight. This was a pretty unexciting month. I was in better spirits about living in Arizona, however I was ready for the summer to end.

September - We celebrated Leo's birthday. I started waking up at the ass crack of dawn for my futile attempt to lose weight. My friend Kelly and her daughter visited (good times!!), and Little Man slicked up the walls in his bedroom with vaseline. It was STILL hot though!

October - We took some hikes in the Flagstaff area two weekends in a row, it was great. The weather FINALLY got cooler (thank you God!), we had Halloween with Batman and Super Girl and had a great night of fun and candy, I am still hoping that the S5 shows up in the driveway sooner than later. And poor Little Man took the fooze ball table pole to the mouth.

November - Sweet Girl turns 4! Danielle turns 33! Leo and Danielle were married 12 years this month too. Jeez November is busy! We went back to TN for Thanksgiving. It was finally descent weather in Arizona.

December -Well we haven't had to use our heat OR air since we left for TN in November, that will be nice on the electric bill. And the brisk mornings in the house are nice and have created some good snuggle moments. We had Christmas, a different one then we've had in the past but it was still very nice. I got to keep my job! My outlook on things is definitely improved compared to almost a year ago. We bought Little Man his own bed!

So the year has definitely had it's ups and downs. Overall it's not been my favorite year. And as I said it could certainly have been worse so yes I am thankful it wasn't. I am confident 2009 is going to be MUCH better! I of course have some resolutions, but that's tomorrow's post! :)


LarryG said...

sometimes you got to go with the bomb!
2009 is going to be a new year, and a new day!

Crystal said...

Phew! What a year! :) Here's wishing you an awesome 2009!

kelly said...

Aww glad we were one of the highlights of your year. It's been crappy without you here.