30 September 2008

Vaseline in the Bedroom. Drama in the Kitchen

Have you ever been sitting in your home and looked at your walls and wondered how you could add a nice sheen without having to go through the trouble of painting? Well I haven't, but if you have then I have the answer for you. It's easy even, and if you have small kids you don't even have to do anything but simply give your two year old a tub of vaseline and a bookshelf. And let him loose. Or if you really want to be surprised, leave the vaseline on his changing table and leave him alone in his room. Don't have a toddler? Well I can lend you mine, he's proven his talent and is a good worker.

Yes this happened in our house last night. Little Man and Sweet Girl were busy busy busy playing together (happily I might add) and I checked on them a few times. They were in Little Man's room and pretending his crib was a boat. The "boat" was filled with every blanket and book from his room. Seemed innocent enough other then the fact Sweet Girl is giving Little Man the knowledge of how to get in and out of his bed.

After a while Sweet Girl comes out and tells us Little Man is climbing on his changing table (she is quite the snitcher), I go to investigate and Little Man is not on the changing table but sitting on his little chair. Some more time passes and Sweet Girl is back to the living room proclaiming Little Man is making a mess with the added emphasis of 'come see mommy daddy'. We both get up and walk to his room. To find him standing on the top shelf of his folding bookshelf, with a tub of vaseline that he proudly has smeared all over his wall. I start laughing and have to leave the room as Leo dishes out the disciplene. It was obvious Little Man KNEW he was in the wrong. We really didn't want the extra sheen on the walls, so Leo got a piece of cardboard and basically scraped it off the wall.

So now it's time for dinner. A lovely meal of grilled cheese, carrots and strawberries or tomato soup if you're Leo. Everyone ate well, it was good. Sweet Girl has to ask to be excused from the table. She is really very good at remembering to ask 'May I be excused please?' so we started this with Little Man. He was not as excited. And damn that kid is STUBBORN. We sat for probably 30 mins before he said it. He had no problem proclaiming ' I don't want to' but never the 'May I be excused' we were looking for. Oh the tears. The tears were flowing. And finally. He was all teary and sad and then one second later, looks at me and says 'Excuse Please' like he was a completely different kid. Poor Little Man had a rough night.

It was probaly the most eventful night we've had in a while. Hopefully there will be no more drama including any time of cream or vaseline though!


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh we miss and love the grand kids soooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!
Love GaGa

Basha's Mama said...

Oh goodness. I did this to my mom when I was about that age too. Vaseline is just too cool. That's why I keep mine under lock and key. :)

Crystal said...

My oldest daughter did this with her eczema cream...she smeared it all over the place, then she needed to pee or something but she had it all over her hands, so she couldn't open her door, which freaked her out and she started crying hysterically. Her room was on the other side of the house at that time, so I didn't hear her...when she finally gets out and gets to my bedroom she is seriously freaking out. I open the door, she's covered in goo, which I don't know is eczema cream yet, so I start freaking out and trying to figure out why my daughter is hysterical and covered in goo. Fun times were had by all. haha