16 September 2008

A Fun and Relaxing Visit

We had a great time with my friend Kelly and her daughter. It was so nice to have them here. It wasn't uncomfortable or weird like it is sometimes when you have company. It was as comfortable as having family visiting. We went to the splash park, indoor play area and the Phoenix Children's Museum. We ended our trip with a visit to the zoo. Kelly and I were also able to relax and do some reading. It was just nice.

** A side note here, the indoor play area was really quite cool. Although it will make you feel wicked old as you try to climb in and around these things. I did something to my back in there which made it feel like someone kicked me in the kidney (or maybe Leo did when I was sleeping..hmmm....I'll go with the fact I injured myself trying to act 10 instead of 32...)

Sweet Girl had a great time with her friend there. They were very cute together and got along nicely. There was minimal drama (sad to say that when Sweet Girl is around there is always some kind of drama...).

And now they are gone {Insert sad sigh}. I am back to missing them again.

And now Sweet Girl has strep {Insert a freaked out, OMG please don't let this be the beginning of like what happened when we first moved here sigh}.
There is nothing better then sending your friends home and your kid getting some horribly contagious illness on the last day of their visit. I can only pray that she kept this to herself and didn't send them back with a souvenir like that.

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Kelly said...

Thanks for having us. I know I'm posting late but it's the only time I've had. We had a great time and we did not end up sick. Munchkin keeps talking about going to see you guys again already. (sigh) Oh well we'll see you in a few months hopefully. Miss you guys. And thanks Leo for letting us take over your house for a few days. =)