25 September 2008

Little Man's Vocabulary

So Little Man is saying more and more words. He will repeat most of the words you say, but he seems selective like maybe only words he likes the sound of or something. My favorite as of late is 'doughnut'. I don't know why I just love hearing him say it about as much as I love enjoying fried glazed yeast dough.

He also found another word I suspect he learned at school. We are eating dinner at the Red Brick Pizza place the other night. Excellent pizza if you've never tried it, give them a go. Little Man is sitting there eating his cheese bread when all of a sudden he blurts out what sounds like 'butthole', now I'm like 'what did you say? did you say back hoe?' Back hoe would make sense because we see them driving to school and read about them in his truck books. But he keeps saying it and I don't think it's back hoe, I really think he's saying butthole. I am starting to giggle a little bit. BAD IDEA. I know it's a parenting rule that you shouldn't laugh because it encourages behavior, I know this yes. But when he got up on his knees and basically screamed out 'BUTTHOLE' to the entire restaurant, I broke that rule and laughed my ass off. It was funny. I'm sorry but it was. Luckily there was only one other person in there and the restaurant is kind of loud.
The reason I know he heard it at school and not home is, if he had heard it at home, he wouldn't have been saying 'butt'hole...

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