04 September 2008

Big Eaters

We've had a bit of role reversal in our house. Little Man went from being the big eater to slacking off a bit and not eating nearly as much. But whoa Sweet Girl has cranked into high gear. I imagine it is a possible growth spurt, but she is becoming a member of the clean plate club nightly at dinner. And not by force either! Last night she ate ALL her broccoli AND cauliflower, chicken and rice. She is also eating a lot of snacks, and we're trying for healthy snacks such as cheese or apples or other fruits. She is a lover of carrots as well.

Little Man on the other hand has slacked off from eating to just making a mess. He likes to move his food from his plate to the table or the floor. He doesn't eat nearly as much as he used to. But I guess that was expected as he grew a little older. It is just weird since he used to eat so much, we were amazed at what the kid would put away and now not so much.

I guess it's just another phase of their little lives so far. To keep me on my toes and keep me paying attention.

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