23 September 2008

I Got Caught!

While reading last night to Sweet Girl, I skipped a few pages. It was a book I really didn't like so I didn't feel too guilty. Until I got to the end and tried to move on to the next one. Sweet Girl says 'You didn't read the cereal page'
Me: 'Yes I did'
SG: 'No you didn't' and she gets the book and finds the one of the pages I skipped, and also another one that she pointed out. 'You missed this one too'

So I read the two pages that I missed. Between you and me I really skipped like 6 pages but she didn't' realize I skipped that many!

I think this book will need to get lost behind the bookshelf. I will be happy to replace it with a better one!

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Basha's Mama said...

My mother is great about buying these long books that Sami just loves. I can't skip pages but I do summarize a few paragraphs when I can. But I know those days are numbered too.