08 September 2008

Weekend Surprise

We had a weekend surprise. One of Leo's cousins stopped by. I was totally shocked when I opened the door and saw him standing there. He lives in AZ but lives in Yuma which is to the south west of Phoenix. It was unfortuante the reason he had to come to Phoenix (his doggie had to have emergency back surgery, but is doing good and recovering well!! Yay!!), but we all were excited to see some family!!

Sweet Girl was totally smitten by him. She wasn't too sure she liked him when he got there and ended up locking herself in her room but after about 30 mins she was all about having him there. To have a new playmate! And he was so good with her and played in the playroom with her and had tea parties with her. She was totally stoked to have him there. It was sweet.

It was just nice to have company. We prepared a nice steak dinner on Saturday night, which was yummy. And went to total crapsville (foodwise) on Sunday! So it was good we went to the zoo to burn some of those calories and also that I got up at the ass crack of dawn today to work off my weekend at the spin class.

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