17 September 2008

I want this...I want that...I want EVERYTHING

I knew it would happen. My mom told me it would. I thought I was prepared. I thought I was prepared for the continuous stream of 'I want that' out of Sweet Girl's mouth.
Lord the kid seriously does want EVERYTHING and she even admitted it last night.
It started a while back.
A commercial will come on and she says "I want that".
Repeat for next four commercials.

Sometimes I don't even think she realizes what she wants. She is a victim of the sly advertising.

ME: Sweet Girl you want a lot of stuff.
SW: Yes.
ME: Is there anything you DON'T want?
SW: No I want everything. Her eyes are wide and serious, like Duh Mommy get with it.
ME: Yes I see that.

This also extends into the store. I can only hope she doesn't remember all the stuff she wants. She alternates between wanting it for her birthday or Christmas. I mean it even includes food (like fruit snacks or hell even strawberries made the cut once). It is kind of funny. I just say, we'll see. And that seems to pacify her at least right now.


Anonymous said...

Gosh Olivia has started this too. "I want it" she says her little hands trying to grab anything within her reach.

Anonymous said...

HaHaHaHa...it only gets worse...once they can start to write let them make a list like you guys would do, it seems to pacify, or write a list for them, or circle the items in a catalog..remember that girls???? You would circle so many things you never remembered what you circled.
Love Mom