01 September 2008

All The Good Stuff Happens When You're Gone...

I had to travel back to TN last week for a couple days at the headquarters of my company. It was a torturous trip that was exhausting and aside from seeing our favorite cousins, a few friends, my favorite aunt and uncle and my mom, it was not fun. It was all work work work. UGH. Although I did enjoy eating THREE dinners with no children attempting to take over my lap so that was nice.
But I missed ALOT of kick ass stormy weather here in the AZ. Damn I was pissed. How long have I been waiting for that and then it happens when I am gone! NOT FAIR!!!!

I also missed Sweet Girl flipping Little Man off the end of her bed.

I also missed Leo, well I just missed him. Since he considers himself a funny fucker I no doubt missed something hilarious (and probably slightly retarded).

I also missed NO HUMIDITY, even though I'm sure with the rain it was up much more then normal but it was NOTHING compared to the 93% that I walked out into on Thursday morning. Can you say yuck? Because it is yuck I have decided. I mean I always really thought that but now after being away from it for so long ,yeah going back just kind of sealed the deal on my dislike of it.

I also realized again just how I miss my parents being around. Send them some quick selling vibes so they can get out here.

I am going to miss the changing of the leaves terribly so I've decided to make the leaves change in our home with a crap load of fall and harvest decorating. Yes watch out I'm going EXTREME here...I would say I would post some pics but Leo will probably not let me due to his personal embarrassment as a result of my extreme in home fall fest.

I will tell you what I DON'T and WON'T miss, and that is crazy University of Tennessee football fans. Sorry to all you Vol fans out there but I'm going to stick with...Roll Tide...and it's a much better color.


Shane said...

You've not seen Big Orange Fever until you've spent a football season in Knoxville, TN.

Danielle said...

I have spent a football season in Knoxville, TN during my year at UT Knoxville. This is one reason I hate the color so.

Anonymous said...

Orange makes me want to puke and then shot myself in the head. I am dreading the day one of the kids comes home and says, :Mom, I want to go to UT." I will then have to ship the kid off to live somewhere else for a while to regain his sanity.
Sorry to all the UT fans I have just insulted. It's not a bad school, I just hate the football obession to the point where sports mean more than academics.

i won't post my name, but you know who i am!