02 September 2008

No One Should Be Up That Early for Exercise

So I convinced one of my friends to meet me at the ass crack of dawn (5:15 AM) for a spin class at the gym. This in my effort to crank my cardio into high gear in my attempt to reach single digit clothing sizes by Thanksgiving. I have been doing good with my workouts, I enjoy the trainer and he helps me. But I have been lacking in my cardio and need improvements in my eating.

So I made the the re-commitment again that starting tomorrow I will kick my own ass into gear and make it happen. And that includes a diet change as well.

Now I shall tell you I am an idiot. I am an idiot because I picked PMS week to start this. What the hell was I thinking? But I'm not waiting anymore so I will have to deal with it and poor Leo and kids will have to deal with a food deprived PMS'ing mom...say a prayer for them.

I am almost there, I have one size to go before I hit single digits so hopefully that will keep me motivated.

The war on fat has been waged and I will be victorious...


Basha's Mama said...

Ok I just tried BOSU - basically you jump up and down and do a lot of squats while balancing on a ball that's been cut in half. This will now be categorized under "things that make me feel as stupid as I must look". Give me spin anyday - just not at 5 am. My new 12 week program starts next week. I'm enjoying the calories while I can. :)

Anonymous said...

You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (But getting up at 4:30...ugh)


kelly said...

Spin class will definitely kick your ass. It's an awesome work out. If you've never done one before you will feel like an utter wimp about 5 minutes into the class. =) My re-dedication to my diet will start after I get back from seeing you. So there will be no dieting while I am there. =)