29 September 2008

I Like Big Organs

I laughed at my title this morning. It's not what you think though. We had a fun Saturday night at the Organ Stop Pizza. It has a big giant organ, The Mighty Wurlitzer to be exact. They claim it to be one of the biggest and finest theater organs in the world today. It boasts a whopping 6000 pipes and it is pretty amazing. There are also other fun things to go along with it, like a snazzy xylophone. Check out the website for more information.
The food is less then stellar, actually it sucked. But you're really not there for the food, it's more for the entertainment.
And it was really quite cool. When it all started the look on Little Man's face was priceless. It was hilarious. I tired to snap a picture of it but the camera changed his expression. Sweet Girl just said it was too loud. Because lucky for her it sounds like she inherited my issues with noise. After the first song though they were both very intrigued. Little Man is an enthusiastic clapper. I loved watching him clap after the songs. It was so funny. Sweet Girl was so excited when he played 'Under the Sea' from The Little Mermaid.
It really was cool. I had a good time, I would go back again but order something besides pizza! Or maybe just desert and just enjoy the entertainment.

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