01 October 2008

Ok, Really Now it's October

Dear Mother Nature,

I have always been a fond supporter of you and your changing of seasons. I think it's a great idea to change it up every quarter or so. That's awesome and I commend you for being such an agent AND advocate of change.
But seriously 100 degrees still? Come on now, it's October. And Fall. I know here in metro Phoenix, the fall will not be the brisk cool one I am looking for but can't we at least get normal October temperatures? Like the 89 degrees Weather.com says it should be at this time of year? I think I would be happy with 89 or below. If you don't want to be normal (and really who can blame you, normal is just so I don't know boring. I understand this and I am a proponent of not being normal, lord knows I'm not normal myself. So you see we can relate. We have a rapport and I can empathize with you here so help me out, will you???), can you at least err on the side of cooler then normal? Because you have no idea how totally stoked I would be if you were err'ing on the side of 1o-12 degrees BELOW normal. Because that would put us in the heavenly 70's. Oh god that sounds good. Ohhh Yeah baby. 70's.

So I'm begging and pleading, please end this summer. Bring it to a screeching halt and bring on the cold.

Yours truly,

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