17 October 2008

Friday Friday Friday

It's Friday and I am not feeling any better. This sucks. At least it's Friday Fill-Ins!

1. Follow the road less taken.

2. A good book is something I always take with me on vacation.

3. To achieve your goals, you must know what they are first and be realistic.

4. I love my family more than anything is something I'd like you to know about me.

5. I have a cold that won't go away.

6. A dead fish floats.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to feeling better, tomorrow my plans include enjoying cool air and changing leaves and Sunday, I want to relax!


Smilingsal said...

I take a book with me everywhere I go. Come see my fill-ins and check out the sidebar for the BOX OF BOOKS giveaway.

LarryG said...

I like your number 3 and sorry to hear about no 5~!

4 is precious, uhhhh 6 ... you may live near the water?

I bet you will feel better!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

For #2 not only reading on vacation, but also when your mother is trying to talk to you hahahahaha only kidding
Your Mother

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Perhaps I have taken your cold from you :{

Hope your weekend goes well!

marathon mom said...

Ahhh yes, I always have a book or 3. Just picked up Harry Winston from the liberry today!

Here's mine: marathonmom