14 October 2008

Short Post

I am not feeling great today and had a post idea but just don't feel like writing much. I did add a new widget to the blog though today. It's over on the right side. Yes I'm a dork or whatever else you want to call me for being that excited about the Twilight movie. I've watched the previews and it really looks like a good movie. I love this series of books and have read them a couple times. I can see Leo rolling his eyes now...and he probably rolled them when he saw the widget as well. Oh well.
That's all I got today. I'm off to eat some soup.


Chrissy said...

We so have to go see this movie. I cannot even tell you how I excited I am right along with you! lol. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Angela said...

I am way out of the loop. What is this Twilight thing and what should I start with if interested?

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Weird kismet here - I've just this afternoon started feeling not-as-well & plan to have soup for dinner AND look forward to the Twilight movie, even though I haven't yet read the books. I know I neeeeeeed to, according to you and all my teenage girl students :D