11 October 2008

Sweet Moses I Was Actually Cold

Saturday afternoon was nice, but Saturday evening was wonderful. We enjoyed our dinner eaten outside, and there was a nice breeze. And it was actually cool, I could have used a sweatshirt or some sort of pullover and it was probably only in the high 60's. Sweet Girl complained she was cold but she complains of being cold when it's 90+ degrees out and she's wearing long pants and a long sleeved shirt. That kid is weird and if she didn't look JUST LIKE ME, I would wonder if she was actually mine. Because until we moved here, and went through the summer which basically turns your blood into something thinner than water (didn't think that was possible did you...yeah well me neither) 60 something degrees would not warrant anything close to a sweatshirt. But I could have used one tonight. And I LOVED the fact I could have worn it, I loved feeling the cool breeze on my skin...so even though I felt cool enough for a sweatshirt I was happy to feel the cool breeze on my arms and face. It was heavenly and very fall like.
It was wonderful. Ahh...

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Anonymous said...

eah and just wait till you get here you'll freeze your patooties off. It's too bad the leaves will be all gone....I'll save them for you ok???
Love Mom