02 October 2008

Holy Moses, She Listened!

My letter to Mother Nature worked!!!! Do you know that on Sunday the HIGH is supposed to be 83 with possibe RAIN. OMG RAIN!!!! And 83!!!!!!!!!! Ah the sweet feeling of relief. Thank you Mother Nature for answering my plea.

Oh yes, I was excited when I saw that little red ! in the accuweather thingie at the bottom of my Firefox browser. Although I was half expecting it to be yet another excessive heat warning but no, it wasn't. It was a warning...warning about strong STORMS coming in from the west coast. Storms and a cool down. Yes it actually said COOL DOWN.

Woohoo, I AM elated.

Ah yes I take back all the nasty things I said about Mother Nature in July.

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Anonymous said...

Remember you"Can't fool Mother Nature"