23 October 2008

I'm One Of The Lucky Ones...

Lucky in what way you ask? While yes I am lucky because I have a wonderful husband, two great kids, great family, a beautfiul house, drivable cars and a job (not that I like it but still I do have to be thankful not to be unemployed). But there's more, oh yes, more I say. I'm also lucky because I am one of those women who carry her fat on her thighs, hips and ass. Oh yes I'm luuuuccckkkyyyy! So I've blogged before about losing weight. And my quest and even that I wake up at 4 AM to go to the gym. And apparently the changing of my diet, reducing my calorie intake and, working my ass off (but not really) at the gym may not provide me with the results I am desiring. I can attest to this since due to making these changes in JULY I haven't lost any weight. And please spare me the muscle weighs more than fat and blah blah blah, and the you're losing inches bit because if I was losing inches my pants would fit differnt and you know what THEY DON'T, they fit the same. Ok...sorry about that. So...due to my "shape" if you will, and storing fat in my lucky areas is the healthier location then storing fat around the middle but worst area if you want to lose weight. WOOHOOO...YAY ME!!! And if you're wondering...my body is storing this fat in this particular location to help with pregnany and breastfeeding.

After reading this and doing more research I proclaimed to Leo that I had the surefire way to lose weight. Breastfeeding! He responded with a look of horror and a resounding I don't think so. Now I really wouldn't have another baby just to lose weight, although I do miss having a baby and I loved being pregnant and after having Sweet Girl I was losing weight like crazy while breastfeeding. Not so much with Little Man since I didn't stop eating the doughnuts I craved WHILE I was pregnant. But I digress since it was those damn doughnuts that probably added the fat to my thighs and ass. But you know I do have a breast pump, I wonder if I just start pumping if I can start producing milk again and start the weight loss that way...hmmm....I was a milk factory and did produce milk like crazy so I wonder if I can start it up again. I could even donate the milk! It's a win win, I lose weight and babies get breastmilk. I'm brillant.

I guess before I venture into becoming my own version of Bessie, I will modify my diet ONCE AGAIN and increase protein intake and all the other crap that the research has turned up. Although my motivation to do this is somewhat nill really, I have no motivation. After almost 5 months of not alot of results (although I did buy a size 10 pair of jeans at Target, that I am kind of convinced are sized incorrectly since some of my current pants that are size 12 are still fitting the same as before I started all this). I have to work myself up to getting motivated again. And I to some degree don't really feel like it. But I will. Eventually.

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Anonymous said...

South Beach, baby. You can do it!