30 October 2008

I Love Flair

Ok, so I was reluctant to join Facebook. But I joined a few months ago to keep up with some of my favorite Middle Tennessee Mommies. They are nice enough to let me stay in their group even though officially I'm not a Middle Tennessee Mommy anymore. I guess once a MTM always a MTM and for that I am grateful because they are a good group of ladies and I do miss a lot of them terribly. I've also caught up with a few high school friends as well. It really is a good way to keep in touch without a lot of effort. I like it.

Anyways, it was mostly MTM Kim who really pushed the Facebook group. I joined and now I am hooked. I try to log in as much as possible and leave comments on walls, keep up with the MTM's (although I have been a slacker here the past couple weeks), and look at the Flair. I LOVE the flair. I can sit and read them and they all just make me laugh. My favorite piece of Flair is currently: 'Basically I love to curse'. It is so me! And it makes me laugh. And you know I've got some Twilight Flair out there! Facebook sucks you in and you could literally spend HOURS on there (I don't spend hours on there, but if I didn't have kids I probably could). I like to think of it MySpace for the older crowd...and by older I do mean anyone over 21...And I'm older than 21.

I know some of the MTMs read the blog and sometimes leave comments so I'm sure one of them (probably Kim) will leave one now that calls out my lack of posting/commenting on the MTM Group in the last month or so. I promise in advance I'll be better. I do miss you guys!

Want to be my friend on Facebook? Send me an email. I like new friends. And I will send you some Flair!


LarryG said...

That is! the Chattanooga Raccoon Mtn.
Small world A!?!

LarryG said...

looked for you in Arizona on facebook,
you can find me at larry3g with gmail for my email.

AMB said...

hey, you haven't sent me any flair!!! love, amanda

Chrissy said...

Ok, seriously, I have a facebook and I don't get it. For real. lol. Teach me oh wise one!

Kelly said...

You are a slacker poster on the MTM page, but we love ya anyway. I haven't sent you any Flair lately so I'll have to look for some. I still think we need to create some WTF Alice Flair!