21 October 2008

Working From Home

I usually work from home on Tuesday and Thursdays. Today it worked out well since Little Man came down with a fever yesterday and is not able to go to school today. He is hanging out with me today while I attempt to work. Working is not very easy with him around. We've had Spongebob Squarepants on A LOT which keeps him entertained for a conference call or two. And thank goodness the phone has a mute option.
He is feeling more like normal today and has been quite entertaining. Whenever I give him anything he looks up at me, smiles and says 'For meeeee?'. Like the yogurt I am giving him is the best present he's ever received. It's very sweet actually.
And for some reason he also thinks we have a dog, as he proceeded to tell me, after dropping food on the floor 'that's OK the dog will eat it'. We don't have a dog...
I think he is enjoying the alone time, as he never has time where Sweet Girl is not demanding this or that or dictating to him what he needs to do or where he needs to go. He's the the king of the castle today!

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Crystal said...

Totally funny other thing we have in common...I work from home on Tuesdays & Thursday Too.