20 October 2008

Grand Adventure

We had a grand weekend as we left the heat of Chandler to head to the mountains and cool air of Flagstaff. We left on Friday evening after a fun birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza. When we got there it was 34 degrees. Oh yes it was nice and if I had felt better I would have sat outside on the deck for an hour breathing in that cool air and feeling it on my arms and face but I was damn tired and still felt like crap so I really just wanted to go to bed.

Saturday morning we decided to head to the Grand Canyon. I will admit I do think it's pretty cool that we can just go there whenever we want. It is such a magnificent place. It is so beautiful and I could spend days there taking in it's beauty. I think Leo and I need to do a hike and then raft on the river. I'll get to planning that here soon.
The kids did pretty good, Sweet Girl kept saying she wanted to go home but finally was excited about the canyon and trying to spot Condors.
I'll post some pictures, although they really do not do it justice, soon.

Sunday we spent sometime in an urgent care, because seriously no trip of ours can be complete without a sickness, puking or some other sort of accident. Little Man took one for the team and kept the tradition alive. Well really he took a foose ball table pole to his lip and gum. It split his lip and his gum. There was A LOT of blood and crying His gum looked so gross, I thought it had pushed his tooth back up into his gum and was beginning to freak out a bit. So to the phone book we go to find an urgent care. We call to see if they will see a 2 year old and lucky for us they could. So we head on in. Luckily, his tooth is fine and so is his gum, at least for now. Let's pray for no infection.
Now right after this happened, before we realized the severity of the pole meeting his gum, the kids went outside to swing. They had been dying to go swing since we arrived. Little Man is SO determined to swing, he is out there bawling his eyes out on the swings. He is crying HARD so this is what clued us in that it was than just a bleeding lip. I had to PRY his fingers off the swing and carry him kicking and screaming into the house. After further investigation that is when we noticed his seriously banged up gum. The kid has determination that's for sure.

Now one of the main reasons we went to Flagstaff was to see some fall color. So after our detour to the urgent care, we head out to find the golden aspens. We take a Watchable Wildlife Trail. We are brave and embark on the 1.5 mile trail instead of the .25 mile loop. We saw ONE, yes ONE golden aspen, the rest had lost their leaves already...figures right? Oh well the kids walked the entire trail, except for a short stint of Little Man being carried. They enjoyed reading the signs along the way, looking at pine cones, and trying to see some Elk which Sweet Girl proclaimed were still sleeping so we wouldn't see them. We did see a chipmunk and a turkey. It was a really fun time to do the trail as a family. The kids enjoyed it and so did Leo and I. We are looking forward to more of that kind of thing in the future.

And then we headed home, the kids were asleep within 15 mins of being in the car and slept most of the ride home.
And now it's back to the grind of the work week. Weekends just aren't long enough!

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