20 October 2008

Woohoo! My First Blog Award!

Well I am honored to be a recipient of this 'I Love Your Blog' Award. My friend Judy over at A Day In The Life Of The Basha's gave this award to me. I am happy to have the award, but goodness there are a lot of questions! :)

1. Where is your cell phone? Desk
2. Where is your significant other? Work
3. Your hair color? Brown
4. Your mother? Missed
5. Your father? Missed
6. Your favorite thing? Family
7. Your dream last night? Weird
8. Your dream/goal? Lottery
9. The room you're in? Windowless
10. Your hobby? Blogging
11. Your fear? Drowning
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Home
13. Where were you last night? Bed
14. What you're not? Tall
15. One of your wish-list items? Beachhouse
16. Where you grew up? declining (it's Detroit...)
17. The last thing you did? ate
18. What are you wearing? Clothes
19. Your TV? Big
20. Your pet? None
21. Your computer? Laptop
22. Your mood? Crabby
23. Missing someone? Yes
24. Your car? Volkswagen
25. Something you're not wearing? Hat
26. Favorite store? Target
27. Your summer? HOT
28. Love someone? Alot
29. Your favorite color? Red
30. When is the last time you laughed? earlier
31. Last time you cried? Unsure
The bloggers that I'm nominating (I don't know 7 other bloggers that I would send this to - is that sad? Well I do know of 7 other bloggers but not sure I know them well enough to nominate their blog, I mean would they think it's strange that someone who has been commenting on their blog for a while nominates them? I am unsure of this blogging etiquette. So since Judy and I share some of the same blogs, I only have two...):
Chrissy at A Lil' Dash of Diva - She's going through a lot so maybe you can keep her in your thoughts. And I though maybe this would be a good diversion.
Kami at Chuck and Kami - She's pregnant and needs a blog post!


Chrissy said...

Aw! Thanks Danielle!

Chuck and Kami said...

I'm just seeing this. I feel honored. :) I'm going to attempt this soon. But, me? 1 word answers? Right...