22 October 2008

Lost My Mojo

I'm boring. I think of that commercial where the people are saying 'When people think of me they think of my love of nature, or blah blah blah'. I've been thinking about this for myself and I really can't answer this. I don't know anymore, since having kids I have become a Mom and am happy about this fact of course. As the kids are so great and add so much to my life. But I think I've lost all the other stuff and it was replaced with only ONE thing. I have been happier lately and staying in the Happy Valley.
I need to find myself again. Do you know where I went?


Hun said...

I know how you feel. I even refer to myself as "Mommy", when I talk to myself.

Anonymous said...

Yes you went to taking care of everyone else but you valley..or martyr valley I think just about every mom goes there.
Love Mom

Kelly said...

I soooo know what you are talking about! We worry so much about everyone else we forget to take care of ourselves.

Angela said...

I think being boring is part of being a Mom. I bet your kids think you are quite something!!!