08 October 2008

Gobstoppers Are NOT Supposed To Be Chewed

I had all intentions of posting the pictures of the beautiful yet highly flammable fall decorations and will do so later this evening. But right now I have to post a pet peeve of mine. I have issues with hearing people chew. I really can't stand loud chewers. It drives me NUTS. Ask Leo he'll certainly vouch for this as I send him nasty looks and ask him frequently if he's almost done eating a certain food ,such as dried corn nuts or whatever the hell they are. (love you honey...)

So the man who sits in the cube behind me, he chews those Everlasting Gobstoppers. OH.MY.GOD. I want to throw stuff over the cube wall. I cannot stand it. So I resort to putting on my headphones to enjoy some music. And to keep from having some sort of manic postal attack occur (minus the guns).

Well this is good but if I get really into my work and the songs playing I have caught myself getting ready to belt out the song. And trust me that would be much WORSE then this man and his chewing of those candies that are not meant to be chewed. And talk about mortifying, no one wants to hear me singing Linkin Park. It would be somewhat disgraceful. Hell you don't want to hear me sing anything. It is just unfair to the good songs.

And today, not only did I have to put on the headphones, I had to turn UP the volume. Are you kidding me? How does this man have teeth left?

To add to the peeving, he also likes to slurp/suck the pop off the top of his pop can. I can handle this much better then the chewing business.

I never enjoyed working from home so much before in my life. Home where it's quiet and if I want to sing I can sing as loud as I damn well want and no one can say anything!

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