29 December 2008

My Sweet Children

After spending 5 straight days with the kids without interruption of work or day care, I miss them today. Sometimes, to be honest, they do get on my nerves with their incessant questions and bickering. But they are only 2.5 and 4 so incessant questions are what's in right now and the bickering will never stop I imagine. And like I said today I miss them because I am at work and they are in day care. I miss the incessant questions, not so much on the bickering, but just having them around and hearing them laugh and play.
They are playing really good together these days, aside from when Little Man shakes down the Diamond Castle that does cause a little trouble. But they are using their imaginations and playing together and it makes me happy.

Little Man is talking more and he's so giving. It is so sweet. He got his first pair of Chuck Taylor's yesterday and he looks too damn cute in them.

Sweet Girl is growing up so now she can buckle herself in the car seat. When she asks questions and she gets the answer she will ask another question. She is becoming girly with requests to have her hair blow dried after we wash it and she even asked to get it cut because it was getting in her face. I told her the other day she was getting so big and she proclaimed "Well I am almost 5".

It is amazing to watch them grow. Although it is too fast. Too fast indeed.

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stephanie (bad mom) said...

Good on you for noticing how fast they grow, though. That helps to keep these little times fresh in your mind.

blessings*Happy new year :D