06 January 2009

A Barbie Beheaded

This evening as we were getting ready for our nightly bath (which happened to be a shower this evening), I hear a thud and then the scream.
Then there is a naked Sweet Girl running at me red faced and trying to suck in air for the next wail. All I get out of her after asking her what happened was 'I hurt myself', I kind of figured that part out myself but I was really trying to figure HOW she hurt herself.

Everything seemed fine and calm, until the next round of screaming. This time was because the barbie was missing her head. Then I notice blood on Sweet Girls neck, upon further investigation it appears that the beheaded Barbie took out a chunk of Sweet Girl's neck right by her ear. After a debate between Leo and I if it would require stitches (yes Barbie did a number on it) or if any of Barbie's plastic is in Sweet Girl's neck. It's decided that all is probably fine. And we FINALLY found out that Sweet Girl tripped on the step stool and landed on Barbie, decapitating it and injuring her neck.

So there Barbie sits on the bathroom counter with her head next to her instead of on her body...


Anonymous said...

You know you should really take up writing.....damn barbies

kelly said...

Ok I am reading backwards so this is the 3rd entry I read, you guys have had a heck of a week! You don't shut down when sweet girl comes screamig through the house that she's hurt herself but poor Leo has taken a nose dive and you just sit there, gotta love it.