12 January 2009

What Will This Week Bring?

Last week we had a bunch of weird accidents. We had a nice weekend and went for an awesome 3 mile hike in the Superstition Mts. Sweet Girl, Little Man and I were all decked out in new hiking shoes. And we did great. We didn't follow the right trail and ended up going a lot out of the way but it was fun. We had another friend and her little boy join us as well. I think it kept Sweet Girl motivated because she kicked it on the trail. She did awesome. And she would have had a perfect trip if she had listened to Leo and stop shuffling her feet because she fell face first into the rocks. She was unharmed but still, she should have listened. Hopefully she learned her lesson.

Little Man took a couple tumbles as well, but he was OK. He is so slow though. He was probably carried for about 1 mile of our hike on and off. So considering he's only 2.5 he did pretty awesome as well!

We were so proud of them for doing so good. It was really impressive.

I was sporting some new Keen shoes which I LOVED! They are an awesome shoe, they are wicked comfy and a perfect match for the trail we were on. The trail was great, we had over a 600 feet elevation climb, thanks to the new GPS we knew all kinds of fancy stuff.
Leo is still searching for shoes so hopefully he can get a new pair for the next hike.

So hopefully this week is quiet and calm.

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kelly said...

Glad you had a nice hike and that no one was seriously harmed during the trip. Cool shoes, they look like Merrells.