07 January 2009

Little Man is Causing Havoc

Little Man is causing havoc when there are Little People or Barbies in the Diamond Castle around. Or really it's anything that Sweet Girl might be playing with at the time. He gets this devilish look on his face and then begins his destruction sequence. Thus getting the exact result he was obviously looking for...Sweet Girl having a sort of mental breakdown as her "work" of setting up Little People or Barbies in formation is quickly destroyed by a sweep of Little Man's foot, hand or possibly even his entire body. There is screaming going on, and sometimes hitting, and depending on the severity of his destruction Sweet Girl's lips might turn blue from anger (this was a result of the Diamond Castle actually being broken...).

You would think the world was coming to an abrupt end in our house when this happens.

And he LOVES it. You can see the sweet victory in his eyes as the screaming continues. We warned Sweet Girl this day would come and indeed it has. Revenge is a bitch and Little Man is dishing it out BIG TIME.

Then we have to step in for fear Sweet Girl might seriously lose it and could possibly have some sort of convulsion, and to keep from anything else being destroyed. This is only a temporary solution because as soon as we are out of sight, Little Man begins round two...this causes removal from the play area and a possible swat on the bum.

And this is our life right now interspersed with playing well together.

Although sometimes even when they are playing well together they are still plotting something devious.

I cringe when I hear Sweet Girl yell out "Come on Little Man, I have an idea...."

Yeah it's time to take cover.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh sibling rivalry "God love em"

kelly said...

That was great. It's the revenge of the babies. Lil A, who as you know isn't so little has started taking it to big sis. It got to the point this past weekend where we were like ok then beat the crap out of each other.
But then the moments of sisterly love come out and those take the cake!

Crystal said...
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Crystal said...

**Sorry I had a typo in my comment, and nope, I didn't use "Preview" so I could correct it first like a normal person**

Sounds like you might need the book I'm reading after all...hehe j/k. The fighting between sibs totally sucks and is very annoying...but I must say so far my book is somewhat cheesy...it has good principles so I may just use those and create my own family activities...because they give you dialogue to say as you're doing them, and it is really dorky. My kids and hubby would probably laugh me out of the house if I used the verbiage they use. hehe