18 January 2009

Sunday Post

I normally don't post on the weekend, I am not really sure why it's not like I'm NOT on the PC even over the weekend. I am, so I guess maybe I use the blog to avoid work. Yes that's true. I blog to avoid doing actual work when I'm at work.

I've sent Leo for bagels so that I can have a good breakfast to prepare me for the day alone with the kids. I'm sure it sounds like I don't like being alone with them and that is certainly not true. I do enjoy their company most days when they are cooperative and listening.

I had a great hair cut yesterday so I think I may have found my new girl. I have managed to not have to get my hair cut here because I've timed trips back to Tennessee so I can go to my favorite girl. But now the time came for me to find someone here. She's close to home, relatively inexpensive, good and very friendly. I'm sure she knows A LOT of secrets...Sweet Girl also did well, but got a little antsy at the end.

We had a really great time at the Desert Botanical Gardens. I love glass and this exhibit was AMAZING. Chihuly is an amazing artist. If you live in or around Phoenix you really should check it out. If you don't you can see some pictures here. They were really neat at dusk. Very cool. I, myself took a lot of photos. But since it takes me sometimes MONTHS to get photos off the camera you'll be better served with the above link.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. And here's to the unlimited patience I will be calling upon today!

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San Diego Momma said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend! If my computer were cooperating, I would have too. But instead, I yelled at my Mac and pulled my hair out.

But enough about me!

So...I bet your hair is cute!