21 January 2009

PMS Is A B*tch

PMS has reared it's ugly head this week, I really think it's added a few heads as well. I must have been extremely vulnerable or weak for it to have taken as much of a toll as it has.
I've cried, I've been craving coke (as in the drink, not the drug) and all things "bad" (anything friend basically), I want to crawl into bed for a week and be left alone. I am ready to finish accessorising my house and I'm pissy it's not finished, I don't want to go workout but I want to lose weight, I am becoming obsessed with what I am eating to the point it's making me actually feel crazy and overwhelmed.

I cannot concentrate at work because I don't want to do anything that I should be doing.

And I am reconsidering my thought of running a 5K, not because I don't think I can do it because I am confident I can. It's the fact that thanks to birthing two children every time I run over 4.8 miles an hour I pee my pants. And I've done the kegels. I do them all the time. So I'll see how it goes over the next few weeks and how much I pee. I don't really want to run in public with pee running down my leg. I am motivated to lose weight not have an incontinence issue in public. And I'm not running in Depends, unless they make running shorts these days and I haven't seen those yet. Sorry I'm sure that's more info about me then you wanted to know.

Me and PMS we don't get along. I don't like it and want to kick its ass.

I do feel better now that I've vented a bit. Hopefully next month the work out endorphins will help me ward off the grips of the PMS monster!


Anonymous said...

Okay so I am sorry you are having such a bad time with PMS, but that whole pee paragraph was pretty darn funny.
The more you obsess about being on a diet and eating certain food the worst it is going to be. If you look at it from a 'I just want to be healhty standpoint' it may be easier.
Have some chocolate for cying out loud, for peeing your pants you deserve it

Basha's Mama said...

Oh Lord - I'm right there with you on the whole pee thing. It does get better but when I first started - good grief. I wear regular thick pads and make sure my bladder is as empty as I can get it right before I run. I've told my trainer that I WILL NOT do any jumping exercises for that precise reason. Kids and vaginal births are grand.

Anonymous said...

Just think if you do not go thru all these things you would not have created the most beautiful gifts of all your kids, I know when youfeel this way you don't want to hear the blah blah blah but you are one wonderful beautiful and giving woman and don't ever forget it