29 January 2009

I Got Bugged

I like to collect things. I really really like to collect items that will help me lose weight. I like to buy videos, workout equipment, clothes, pills, really anything that has to do with something weight lose related. Leo always says 'why do we always have to spend money when you want to lose weight'. This is sadly true I do admit. I don't know why. I just like to HAVE them, the problem comes in because I don't USE them. It makes me feel safe and ready in the event I actually want to start the weight loss journey.

And now I have added another gadget to my ever growing list of collectibles. Except this one seems fun! It's the Apex BodyBugg. It's not anything that I've caught on my feet from walking around the locker room or little bugs that may cause excessive itching. No it's an electronic device that monitors and displays for me how many calories I burn.

This way I can always keep myself in a calorie deficit so I can actually lose weight successfully. I'll upload my food into the site and then upload the data from the Bugg and it will calculate my surplus (my forte) or deficit (my goal). I have a composition book I carry around now to write down everything I eat. I have a calorie counter book and know the websites to calculate calories of the food I'm eating. I weigh food. Have I gone to far? Probably, BUT I am tired of failing at losing weight. I tend to drive myself into an obsessive frenzy that overwhelms me and I give up. Counting calories is the easy part, knowing how much I burn is an unknown and is a key part of the equation. So now I have all pieces, and get ready fat stores because you're closing down. Pack it up and move on.

I am hoping to only have to wear this little bugg for the next 3-4 months until I have achieved my goal. Then I will periodically wear it to make sure my activity level is where it should be and I don't go back to surplus land on a regular basis.

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Basha's Mama said...

OOOOOHHHHHHH I'm super jealous. I saw that on Biggest Loser and fell in lust myself. Then I saw the price and knew I had to wait. *lol* Keep us up to date on how it works. If it's worth it I'll spend my small bonus that I get in April on it.