08 January 2009

Leo Goes Down

Yep he fell. What did you think it was about, surely not that? Get out of the gutter people, you should know I won't blog about that!

Anyway in what was supposed to be a quick trip to the outdoor mall to make a return it took a little longer since Leo and Audrey took a tumble. We were all crossing the street and then Sweet Girl stops, Leo trips over her, starts falling, hits his chin on Sweet Girls head, comes crashing down on his knee and takes Sweet Girl with him so she smashes her face on the sidewalk.

One second everyone is standing and the next Leo is withering in pain on the ground, Sweet Girl is screaming and I am standing there like 'what the hell just happened?' and am not really sure what to do first. I have to make sure Leo is OK, Sweet Girl is OK and keep Little Man from taking off.

Sweet Girl's mouth is bleeding. Little Man keeps asking Leo, why are you down there? And some nice lady is asking me if everyone is OK. I must have just stared at her, as I was probably in my happy place where shit like that just doesn't happen, so she asks me again is he OK? is she OK? Is there someone I can call? Will he be able to get up? OMG woman, thank you for your concern but enough with the damn firing of questions! I have gone into some sort of mental shutdown. Obviously I am not the person you want in a situation that would require fast thinking and decisions.

Sweet Girl is fine, Leo is finally able to get up and I thank the nice lady very much for hanging with us to make sure everyone is OK. I get Sweet Girl to rinse and spit and then she seems OK. Leo is walking with a limp and a little slow, his chin hurts, his hands hurt and his knee is swelling...and to boot he's got some road rash on his knee as well. The kids go play and Leo sits down to watch them so I can go make the exchanges. The nice question lady stops by again to make sure he is OK. She was a nice woman and did seem genuinely concerned.

And so that makes two days in a row for Sweet Girl and some kind of injury. Should we go for a turkey? Let's hope not.


LarryG said...

wow - near tragic, i mean blood, guts, meat, hide, hair...
this is almost a folk song ;o

glad everyone is recovering, no stitches...

next time ask the lil ole lady if she could go to her car and get a first aid kit :)

Kelly said...

Ok I'm glad Leo and sweet girl are ok, but that was damn funny! I would have spit out my drink had I been drinking something.

micshell73 said...

Well...did you laugh at Leo when he fell down! I am jealous of the sympathy he got to what I got! :)
Love, Michele