15 January 2009

Tomorrow Is The Big Day

Tomorrow is our big day of Little Man getting his new bed. We'll move from crib to big boy bed. It's very sad and I'm trying to think how he'll do. I would like to think he will do great, as he's been sleeping on a cot at school since he started. So maybe he'll get that you're not supposed to get up. But I have a feeling he'll have a hard time because he seems so attached to his crib. The kid doesn't like change (wonder who he gets that from). But I am excited when I talk to him about it and how cool it will be and all that. Maybe he'll think it's cool too.

I just seems so weird. No more crib. No more changing table. And soon no more diapers. Anything "baby" will no longer be around. I'm not sure how I feel about all this. Does it make me want to have another one? I'm not sure.

So keep your fingers crossed for us that we have big bed success! I'm sure you'll hear about it either way!


Anonymous said...
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Crystal said...

Awwww...congrats to Little Man!! I didn't move my girls over to big girls beds until they could climb out of the crib, or were at least attempting. I think I was trying to hold on to their baby-ness.

And how funny that you asked the question if it made you want another one...I made that same statement the other day when I was commenting on my baby walking and looking like a toddler and not like a baby anymore. hehe But, I really don't think we'll be having any more babies anytime soon.

Anywho...congrats again! It's always a big step, and it does make us moms miss the "baby" part of them.

Kelly said...

Just remember if you go for #3 I'm definitely not joining you this time. LOL