26 January 2009

The Wii Said So...

In the event I needed even more motivation to lose some of my extra friends, I mean pounds, the Wii Fit has provided it for me.
I am obese according to the Wii Fit and it plumped up my little Mii so I am no longer the skinny Mii I created (it's kind of like lying about your weight on your drivers license...I have been found out!).
I am also a Wii Fit age of 41. That is EIGHT years older than I really am. Nothing wrong with 40 or 40+ other then it's NOT my current age. I was hoping for a Wii Fit age of 21 or something. OK not really I wasn't really hoping for that.

So in addition to my running for the 5K, working out with my human trainer, trying to go to Spin class on Tues/Thurs, I'll also be working out with my Wii trainer. She has weird boobs though that might cause me to stare.

I have a couple months to drop some pounds and shrink my Mii. Here's to crankin' up the cardio.

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Basha's Mama said...

I've heard that Wii is quite rude when it comes to evaluating your health. :) Is it like working with Julian (from the Biggest Loser)?