12 November 2008

Dancin' King

I was going to go over all my additions to my blog roll but don't have time for that today. I will do it soon.
Today I will just leave you with a story about Little Man. It happened yesterday while we were going into Kinko's.
I got Little Man out of the car first, set him on the sidewalk and went over to get Sweet Girl out.
At this point Little Man starts doing some dancing. And then, he notices his reflection in the window of the Kinko's. He kicks it into high gear and starts busting some moves all while screaming 'That's ME! That's ME!! Over and over again.
Passerbys commented and chuckled.
I laughed.
It was actually kind of difficult to get him to go in the store.
And then as we're leaving he takes his place again for his next performance.
It was really funny.


Anonymous said...

Cute can't wait to see them and to have everyone together

LarryG said...

kids are so cool...
that is a wonderful saying... and they do "say the darnedest things" too. thanks for keeping - paying attention, being astonished, and telling about it!

Michelle said...

awwww! That's so cute! Sounds like something Sarah would do! Kids are so fun