17 November 2008

Mist, Matisyahu and More

We had a really fun filled weekend. It was probably MORE then we've done in a long long time. Holy crap we were busy! The kids were worn out by Sunday night! It was kind of tiring but fun.
We all got our flu vaccine. We promised the kids no shots and we wanted to get vaccinated before we traversed through the airports with all the sick holiday travellers. So we head to Walgreen's for the FluMist instead of the shot. We get there and their sign in is all electronic. We have to sign in everyone. Now I specifically told the chick, we are here for FluMist. We take almost 30 mins to sign in for them to tell us they don't have any of the mist. It would have been nice if they had told us that BEFORE we wasted 30 mins. So we head to a different Walgreens, just to fill out all the info again and sign more paperwork. Little Man is having a complete 2 year old breakdown because he wants to go see "Ho Ho Claus" (I have no idea why he calls Santa Claus Ho Ho Claus but he does). Finally we are all vaccinated and we head home. Jeez that was tiring in itself...

Leo and I headed to the Marquee Theater to see Matisyahu. It was a great concert and really fun. We were center stage and pretty close. I know I am old because after about 3 hours of standing I was really thinking to myself 'I really want to sit down' and 'Lord my back is killing me'. We finally left the center stage area to head towards the back where it was less crowded and much cooler. It was really a great time. I am so glad we went. I would definitely see him again. The opening bands were OK, Leo thought the electronica band was cool. I personally thought they sucked totally. And thank gosh they only played for about 30 minutes.

Sunday we headed to the zoo in the morning and the park and Peter Piper Pizza that afternoon. A LOT going on.

Tonight I'm excited to have my business launch party for Heritage Makers. I'm really looking forward to it. So you should order something...Help me, get some Christmas gifts, fuel the economy!

And woohoo that we only have 3 more days til the Twilight opening!!

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CM said...

Holy cannoli's on the waiting for the FluMist thingie. Glad you finally got 'er done.

And I totally feel ya on the standing for too long thing...I have practice for choir at church on Tuesdays and it's usually about 2 hours, and by the time we're done, my back is like "Sit down for Heaven's sake!" hehe

Have a great week!